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Black Plague Doctor Mask Deluxe

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Buy Plague Doctor Mask

Plague doctor mask for sale, handmade with natural leather. Carefully crafted, hand stitched and riveted. High quality leather plague mask handmade by a craftsman with long experience, guaranteeing that the mask will last in perfect condition for many years.

The adjustable strap will fit most sizes, from XS to XXL.

The eyepieces have a leather grid that allow you a full view to the outside, even at night.

During the Black Plague, it was thought that bad smells were the cause of the plague. Plague Doctors therefore wore masks with long beak-like noses stuffed with flowers or smoke to hide the smells. If you want to enjoy a more realistic and fun experience, we recommend to introduce some kind of aromatic herb at the peak of the mask when you use it!!

This Halloween pays tribute to the 50 million people who died because of the ‎Black Death‬. Dress up as a plague doctor!

Feel free to ask any questions or even have it customized to fit your particular needs.

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