Leather Mantle / Shoulder Cape + Tempus Fugit Cane

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Plague Doctor Mantle and Cane

This leather shoulder cape (mantle, capelet) with stand up collar will go with any of our plague doctor masks. It is made of heavy weight top grain cowhide, and feels great to the touch. It offers a nice transition between your mask and your robe. The collar is finished with a deerskin binding, and it fastens with three hidden snaps in front, so it is easy to put on and off. It comes in three sizes: Medium (21″ / 53cm neck), Large (23″ / 58.5cm neck) and XL (25″ / 63.5cm neck).

Tempus Fugit / Winged Hourglass Cane: The topper is an original sculpt cast in resin and available in gold color. The hardwood 24″ / 61cm staff is stained black and comes in two parts which must be twisted together and measures around 25″ / 63.5cm long once assembled.

The wooden canes were used to prevent physical contact with patients of the Black Death. Thanks to the cane they could examine the patients without touching them, turning them over, pointing out the affected areas, helping them to undress if necessary, or even using them to check their pulse. The canes were also used to keep people away or prevent closeness to the doctor. Sometimes the sick people rushed to the Plague Doctor to ask for help, so it was necessary to have a good wooden cane to prevent them from touching the doctor. Depending on the country, doctors used smaller or longer canes, but usually always made of wood.

It is known that, unfortunately, in some more religious regions doctors used the cane also to beat patients and that they repented of their sins; Many people of this century believed that the Black Death was a punishment from God and the sick themselves asked to be beaten as part of their repentance.

The canes were adorned at one end with a winged hourglass, which refers to the swift passage of time: Tempus Fugit.

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