History of Black Death

The Black Death

historical plague doctorThe first cases of bubonic plague, or Black Death were discovered in the 14th century and it is the most devastating pandemic in the history of humanity, which affected the whole of Europe killing 60% of Europeans, died 50 million people of a total of 80 million inhabitants, according to data from researcher Diane Zahler. The plague also affected Eastern countries, but did not reach the American or African continents.

Bubonic plague was discovered in 1320 in the Gobi Desert. In 1331 the plague reached to China, in 1338 to Russia, in 1342 to India, and finally in 1346 reached to the European continent, no one could stop it.

The fourteenth century had devastating moments because of the plague. In sieges infected corpses were thrown into the city with catapults. Fishing and commercial boats remained directionless with all the dead crew. Entire villages were deserted when all its inhabitants died. The economy practically disappeared and social chaos was present. In the beginning it was thought that the Jewish community were the cause of this new disease, so many civilians began Jewish pogroms.

The Black Death was born from an evolution of the bacterium Yersinia Pestis, which had its own pandemic in the year 500, known as the Plague of Justinian. The primary means of spread of the plague were flea bites, which were hidden in clothing and textiles.

The pandemic of bubonic plague was so huge that the whole society changed, ending the days of the Middle Ages and giving rise to the Renaissance.

The plague doctor

real plague doctorTo stop the pandemic was born the plague doctor, who were doctors specializing in care for those infected by this disease. These doctors were hired by the villages, and they took care of citizens of all social classes, rich and poor. When there were not enough doctors, people from other professions were hired to assist the infected. Given the risk of this task, was very difficult to find people prepared to do the work, many of them died and others fled. They cared for the sick, got rid of the corpses, did autopsies, and they had a listing on the public register of deaths caused by the plague.

To treat the sick they did bloodletting, leeches and toads were used every day, but this was not effective. The most famous plague doctor was Nostradamus, who gave advice such as removing infected corpses, get some fresh air, drink clean water, drink a juice made with rose hips, and do not bleed the patient. Nostradamus was a reference to stop the Black Death pandemic.

Plague Doctor Costume

original plague doctor maskIn the 17th and 18th centuries the plague doctors invented masks to protect themselves from “bad air” and prevent contagion. These masks have lenses on the eyes and a long cavity in the nose, which was filled with drugs and aromatic items. This cavity measuring about half foot in length, had 2 small vent holes, and its shape was very similar to beaks of birds. At the beak were used substances such as ambergris, mint leaves, storax, myrrh, laudanum, rose petals, camphor, cloves and straw.

The doctors clothing was very varied, although in 1619 Charles de L’Orme invented a uniform than was the most popular. This clothing consisted of a coarse cloth robe waxed, and a blouse introduced in the pants, which are tied to boots. They also wore a hat and gloves. All the costume was made in goat leather.

The plague doctors had a common accessory, a wooden cane which they used to examine patients without having to touch them. Some infected thought that the Black Death was a punishment from God, and asked to doctors to be whipped with the cane to compensate for their sins.


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  1. Avatar jessica wuenstel

    did the plague kill people then and can it still kill people now if relatives were born with it and since they were can it affect others.

  2. Avatar Josiah

    Thank you for this. It has been helpful for two reports! The history of the Plague is an interesting one. Keep it up!

  3. Avatar plaguedocterlover(overhual)

    I love things about the plague because of the doctors they have a good dark secrets about things and if its possible in my early 20’s I would love to be a plague doctor.

  4. Avatar Dylan Chen

    I’m here cause I need sources in my history IA about Plague Doctors, so if someone can tell me when this website was made so that I can put a year in my source, that would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Avatar Ocedoc

    Phish played a long weekend with the plague all around. #Represent – They canceled soccer games and all sorts of activities. Music is the soundtrack to life, it bests the plague! #PhishLyfe

  6. Avatar Likelyyou.com

    The second pandemic, widely known as the Black Death or the Great Plague, originated in China in 1334 and spread along the great trade routes to Constantinople and then to Europe, where it claimed an estimated 60% of the European population (Benedictow, 2008). Entire towns were wiped out. Some contemporary historians report that on occasion, there were not enough survivors remaining to bury the dead (Gross, 1995). Despite the vast devastation caused by this pandemic, however, massive labor shortages due to high mortality rates sped up the development of many economic, social, and technical modernizations (Benedictow, 2008). It has even been considered a factor in the emergence of the Renaissance in the late 14

  7. Avatar Tina

    Plague is a bacterial infection found mainly in rodents and their fleas. But via those fleas it can sometimes leap to humans. When it does, the outcome can be …

  8. Avatar Faggot

    I was born in the wrong generation. I fucking hate our modern day culture, I wish we were packed into dirty disgusting cities riddled with disease, rats and coated in feces.
    Real culture.

    1. Avatar Mr,TickTock

      I know, the culture and the history we will get see unfold would be indescribable (except you could) and how we are in the present we could write down very important moments, historical people and items that were used. We could explain how everything works (in biology) to the doctors and the rest to scientist who (hopefully) will understand. We would be the ones who could change the very history we learn for the better (or worse).

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  11. Avatar Shera

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  12. Avatar someone scared

    this reminds me of a demonic cult. the doctors also murdered people without it. stalked people. and other disturbing things. they wore the masks also to protect themselves from “demonic” beings as reported from surviving doctors who went “crazy” for seeing these beings. everyone thought they were psychotic. but maybe they weren’t. my friends have begun to “roleplay” this game through social media months ago. they were pretending to “see” these “doctors”. but now they have started to see ghostly figures with these bird masks. it’s scaring me. what if my friends end up dead. they get these dares and letters. saying “go to 685 N at exactly 8pm.” and other similar letters. im researching all of it. the fact its in “fortnite” doesn’t make it safe.

    1. Avatar A friend

      try not to worry to much, make sure he stays safe, or at least try’s. I have roleplayed for a while and it can really mess with your brain. but just use amounts and be careful as I said before. roleplay can make him feel happy, sad and so on so it could be a symptom. also for the meme, roleplay is one hell of a drug

  13. Avatar Dee Nlake

    Plz forgive the. Obviously retarded. Assholes above. Your wears are simply.
    Beautiful . As a practicing RN i am fascinated by all things Medical. These Masks and the. plague Doctors themselves are one of my favorites.

    1. Avatar maywa

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      1. Avatar madison

        what did the plague doctors do if they got the plague and then they died. Or what if all of them got the plague and they all died from it and there was nobody to take are of the other people who got the plague else. did they hire new people

        1. Avatar kelby

          um they killed them selves like you should do. this isn’t the what if game madison. just read the fucking article and move on with your boring life bitch

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  16. Avatar child fucker

    These doctors should be recognised, they had no shit to go off of, and their masks are cool, I nut to children and the plague

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  17. Avatar llama

    To the people who own this store..

    maybe you shouldn’t keep comments open anymore. People are disrespecting the history of the Black Death and criticising the doctors.

    Llama *

    1. Plague Doctor Plague Doctor

      Maybe you’re right, but we can not censor the opinion of the people just because it is different from ours. This is the world we live in. Thank you Llama 🙂

      1. Avatar Alice

        “… but we can not censor the opinion of the people just because it is different from ours.” — You’re not understanding that Llama is saying, clearly.

        This board is overrun with trolls that you’re allowing to run rampant. They literally are contributing nothing. THOSE are the comments you need to remove/censor.

        Before I forget — You guys should also mention that many of the hired Plague Doctors weren’t even actual doctors, and didn’t really contribute anything at all medically to their patients other than being present for those who “needed” it.

  18. Avatar audrey mccormick

    its not funny this stuff is serious how would you like it if you was going through this right now as we are typing

  19. Avatar j

    Actually, the plague doctors did almost nothing to stop the plague, and did more harm than good, killing tons of people with their “treatments” while we can remember them and maybe dress up as them, we should not honour them in any means.

    1. Avatar bigfellow881337

      We should honor them they were trying to do good and in the 14th century it wasn’t as easy as it is now.

    2. Avatar llama

      they did. besides how would you know? There was not much you could do in those days, compared to the medicine and stuff going around these days.
      Some people, according to historians, were saved. What if the plague was going on now and you’re just saying “we shouldn’t honour them” when they tried to save lives?!

      It’s better to try than never do it.

  20. Avatar David Waldron

    When did the distinctive look stop being worn. The miasma theory of disease was being phased out in the 1860s, but still debated, and there were outbreaks of bubonic plague in the 1900s, such as in Sydney Australia. If one is making this kit, to what period can it be considered appropriate?

  21. Avatar C.A.F

    All the people who are commenting and talking about this like it was some big joke your all terrible people did you even read the text a bunch of people died and you talking about a haloween costume that is a terrible thing to do and if the plague was here you would all die because you are mocking the people who fought for there lives during this terrible disease well if it does come back lets just say you won’t be very lucky

    1. Avatar TheDWard85

      And again I say: “The Black Death can’t come back because we now have antibiotics. It is totally treatable and has various tell-tale symptoms.”

      1. Avatar April

        For now. With the over ues of antibiotics, there may come a day when a simple visit to the grand canyon and a bite by a flea , maybe bubonic wont be treatable.
        I hope not but. There are many old diseases that are not responding to antibiotics like they used to. TB is just one example.

    1. Avatar Personman megee

      Halloween is a holiday where people dress up as things (traditionally monsters and such but now people dress up as everything from princesses to zombies to superhero’s and everything in between) then they go door to door asking for candy (I don’t know where that came from). Also people carve faces out of pumpkins, that started because people thought that they would ward off evil spirits on Halloween night (before kids asked for candy)

    1. Avatar llama

      whats wrong with that? they sell them for a living.. MAYBE they’d like some money to get a living?!

  22. Avatar Snoopdogisbestfam69

    I’ll pop your boils for 399 just give me your social security number and bank account login I am a very significant plague doctor

  23. Avatar ゑ⎛⎝FⱥบzⱥnǤǤ⎠⎞(ΘƓƑ)

    I have a Medival Trade Faire Project and I chose plague doctor. Those masks are pretty nice.

  24. Avatar Liz

    Your history is off. Bubonic Plague was “discovered” much earlier. In 541 AD, the Byzantine Empire had been hit with a pandemic of plague, that historians have called “The Justinian Plague,” named after the Byzantine Emperor at the time. Not only that, but there had been multiple outbreaks between the pandemic in 541 AD, and the pandemic in 1346.

    1. Avatar llama

      They were talking around the time where the plague doctor costume was made.. that is what the site is about

  25. Avatar headassmcgreed

    nigga why tf are y’all headasses fashionalizing something that people did to help something serious? They didn’t work but they were scared, do you know how brave the doctor was? idfk if you’re doing it in ‘honor’ because that shit would just be traumatizing to people if the Black Plague was sooner y’all white people are crazy lmfao

    1. Avatar Kiko Hakarri

      I read that and all I hear is ‘derpaderp herp derp’ these masks are wonderful. It’s a shame that more people don’t recognize the significance.

      1. Avatar Kitty

        Who cares what the blundering masses know!…We know because, we stumbled on to ,the horror that was the plague Doc…we were incredulous at this hideous practice and outfit to match no other in creepy…Let the masses have Jason …..ha ha

    2. Avatar Kitty

      Read up on perms frost unleashing diseases and worse…whatsvthat got to be with white?You black people have some crazy voodoo todo

    3. Avatar Fuck off

      Respect to this comment man, if you make jokes about this then you can get fucked. This was an actual event that killed the current population of Kenya, and if it happened to you I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like seeing the next generation seeing it as a laughing matter mother fucker.

      1. Avatar calmdown

        calm down, its just a joke and we can’t do anything about it now, so we might as well make light of it, and it’s not like it happened recently.

  26. Avatar Kara Lynn

    Haha, I hate to ask but could you guys perhaps lower the price on a few of the masks? Thanks!
    Yours truly, Kara Lynn

      1. Avatar ChingChong

        jeez guys real people died from this its not great to joke about. imagine your little sis or bro dieing and you cant do anything to help them.

        1. Avatar C.A.F.

          you are so right it is so wrong to make this into a joke and make is a halloween costume its a terrible thing what happened and it is both science and history science is medicine the plague was a desire and history it happened a long time ago but just because it happened a long time ago docent mean it can’t come back so don’t you dare talk about this like it is funny because you will die G-D is watching

          1. Avatar TheDWard85

            The Black Death can’t come back because we have antibiotics. It is totally treatable and has various tell-tale symptoms.