Plague Doctor Mask White Leather

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Plague doctor’s mask for sale

This white plague doctor mask have metal rivets, which gives it a bit of a steampunk look. The eyepieces are sewn in with waxed thread. The mask is painted white and the lenses are gray acrylic. The mask is made of 5-6 oz veg tan leather and has an adjustable strap. It will fit all adult heads up to 61cm around.

Certainly the white color gives it a very original look and a touch of elegance.

Our plague doctor masks are made in the best quality, so they are used in theater, performances, TV series, shows or concerts, among others. They are also ideal for Halloween, costume parties, themed events, decoration… or just because you would love to have one!

If you are passionate about the plague doctors, it will be a pleasure to welcome you to our Facebook page, where we share photos, tattoos, cosplays costumes, videos and news about the plague doctors.

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